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“I knew Graham before he smoked and drank. He is the sweetest bloke alive and he is the most gifted guitarist of his generation. No-one can fucking touch him and for that I’m prepared to put up with all his lunacy.”


Damon, Q Magazine, 1996.

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by © Craig Leach
Green Tree Python


by © Craig Leach

Green Tree Python

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Reblog if you’re insecure with how you look.

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Number one reason to get a job:

  1. Concert tickets and band shirts

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Daft Punk - Daftendirekt


Da funk, back / to-the punk / come on
Da funk, back / to-the punk / come on…

… Da funk-back-to-the-punk, come on!

(The prosody of Daftendirekt is simple, but blew my mind when I first heard it. How it begins with that muffled series of words and a 3/4 before speeding up and settling into the latter 4/4 rhythm so smoothly - a fantastic start to a fantastic album.)

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“Yesterday – I was on a train and I ordered a sausage and it had herbs in it! You don’t want fucking herbs in a sausage! What was the name of that fucking sausage?’ (Someone says Lincolnshire.) ‘I don’t want fucking Lincolnshire!’”

—   Tom Meighen was asked by Q magazine
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